Our basic policy to promote constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors (hereafter, shareholders) is a policy pertaining to the company's system and measures that was designed with the following objectives.
(1) To promote proper understanding among our shareholders, to gain their trust, and receive a warranted appraisal with regard to the company's business strategy, financial condition, etc.
(2) To achieve sustainable growth and improve our corporate value in the medium- to long-term through constructive dialogue with our shareholders.

Dialogue with Shareholders

To engage in constructive dialogue with our shareholders, an investor relations director manages shareholder contact overall; the director strives to enhance dialogue in coordination with other executives.

System to Promote Constructive Dialogue

To enhance dialogue with our shareholders and make it fruitful, the Corporate Communication Division, which is in charge of investor relations, is the contact point for dialogue; it liaises with related internal divisions/departments and strives for accurate and fair information disclosure.

Enhancing Measures for Dialogue

The company discloses information as legally mandated and strives to actively and voluntarily disclose information related to financial matters, business strategy, and the like, by holding periodic information sessions for shareholders, aiming to promote understanding and enhance dialogue concerning the company's business condition.

Feedback to Board of Directors

The opinions obtained through constructive dialogue with shareholders are communicated to the Board of Directors and executives appropriately as feedback and utilized in measures to sustain and improve corporate value.

Insider Information Control

Noritz appropriately controls important information in line with internal "Regulations to Prevent Insider Dealings" established to prevent insider trading and other types of unfair dealings.