Since our founding in 1951, Noritz has supported bathing culture in Japan as a leading company for water heaters.
We boast a market share of about 40%.
The Noritz Group has numerous offices and facilities in a total of 14 countries/regions throughout the world.
We deliver the quality that has long received the support of Japanese consumers through our global network.

One of the driving forces of Noritz is the power of people.
People with diverse individuality and skills are active as group employees in the diverse cultures of countries throughout the world.

The number of patents held by Noritz is 4,891, about four times the number acquired by the great inventor Thomas Edison in his lifetime. The annual R&D budget which has produced our unique technology currently stands at about 6 billion yen, and our annual capital investment in facilities for turning technical capability into products is about 8 billion yen. In our R&D Department, we have 624 employees engaged in R&D worldwide.

Combined overseas and domestic sales for the Noritz Group are 218.9 billion yen (with an operating income of 5.1 billion yen).
Our fields of business in Japan range from HVAC systems and kitchens to new energy.
It has been 23 years since Noritz began its expansion internationally. Of our group's consolidated sales, 28% (approx. 61.9 million yen) comes from outside Japan, and that percentage is quickly growing.

Through our products, Noritz contributes to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon society.
The figures introduced here are for the 2015 fiscal year. Since then, we have continued our innovation to minimize the CO2 emissions of water heaters.

As of December 31, 2016