The city of Akashi near Kobe is the focus of our outstanding technical capabilities, and our development and production of high-quality water heaters.
Here we produce 1.1 million water heaters annually at the mother factory of the Noritz Group, which has supported bathing culture in Japan for a long time as a leading manufacturer of water heaters. With technical, development and manufacturing capabilities backed up by a history of 69 years, our headquarters plays a central role in global expansion.
Within Japan, we also produce and sell a variety of products other than water heaters, including cogeneration systems, solar water heaters, and gas cookers.

This R&D Center creates technology for stable supply of hot water in one degree increments.
We are developing environmentally-friendly, energy-saving water heaters to meet needs in Japan and other countries.
Developing elemental technologies for core components of products that are top-notch in quality and anticipate market needs using cutting-edge R&D facilities.
Building an original production system that puts quality first and enables short turnarounds even with mixed production of different types of units.
Our customer service center is open 24 hours a day year-round to send out personnel for repairs or inspection. We also strive to incorporate customer feedback into products and services.

We moved into China in 1993, and have two consolidated subsidiaries and two brands, Noritz and Sakura.

Noritz (China) Co., Ltd., has its headquarters and factory in the Fengxian District of Shanghai.

It produces and sells gas instantaneous water heaters.
Noritz products are sold primarily in urban areas such as Shanghai, and have established a position as a high-class brand.
Quality control in production is at the Japanese level.
Sakura Bath & Kitchen Products (China) Co., Ltd. was acquired in 2013. Headquartered in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, it has factories in Kunshan and Foshan, Guangdong Province. It produces and sells gas water heaters, range hoods, cookers, electric water heaters, and other products for sale throughout China.

Noritz China manufactures the main components for gas instantaneous water heaters, along with finished products. The level of quality is as high as in Japan. Luxury gas instantaneous water heaters are our mainstay products, sold through mass merchandisers and through the Internet.
Sakura China manufactures and markets gas instantaneous water heaters, electric tank water heaters, range hoods, and cookers. These products are sold through exclusive dealerships, mass merchandisers, and the Internet as regional circumstances demand.
Our two consolidated subsidiaries sell two brands—Noritz and Sakura. The Noritz brand consists chiefly of gas instantaneous water heaters while under the Sakura brand we sell mainly range hoods, cookers, and gas instantaneous water heaters.

In 2002 we began sales of tankless gas water heaters. In North America, tank/storage type water heaters account for most of the market, but environmentally-friendly, energy-saving tankless water heaters are growing in popularity. In recent years, the condensing type with high added value has increased its share.
In 2019,we acquired PB Heat,LLC,a manufacturer of high-efficiency boilers,cast iron and stainless steel boilers for hot water and steam systems.
We will continue to expand our business through the Americas, including Canada.

Expanding our business through Noritz America, a consolidated subsidiary headquartered in California.
PB.Heat has headquarters, factories and research facilities in Pennsylvania.
EZ series is high-efficiency gas water heater equipped with premix burner.
The Peerless® PureFire® stainless steel condensing boiler is Energy Star® certified with a 95% efficiency.

We first moved into Australia in 1997 as an original equipment manufacturer. Since then we have sold gas instantaneous water heaters to meet growing demand. In 2014, we entered the Australian market in earnest though acquisition of Dux Manufacturing Limited, a representative manufacturer of storage-type water heaters in Australia with over 100 years history. Dux's strength is in traditional electric/gas storage-type water heaters, and to this we have added the gas instantaneous water heaters that are Noritz’s forte. As a result, we can offer a comprehensive lineup of products.
Going forward, we will expand our business in Australia through the strong sales channels of Dux.

Tank (storage) type water heaters are manufactured in a plant located in New South Wales.
Tank (storage) type water heaters are sold in electric water heater and gas storage-type water heater models.
With a rise in the need for eco-friendly, energy-efficient designs, we are promoting the spread of tankless water heaters.
We moved into Hong Kong in 1996, and are currently working to expand sales of gas instantaneous water heaters and kitchen equipment through local gas companies.
In Macau, we are expanding our business in cooperation with local partner firms.
Noritz Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Installation Site in Hong Kong(Commercial multi system)
Macau Showroom