Raising sustainable corporate value

The Noritz Group’s policy on initiatives for creation of corporate value is to raise social, economic, and brand values, and to integrate and expand them. To do this, we find it important to always assign prominence to our “Q+ESG” (Quality + Environment, Society and Governance) standard, which are sources of corporate value creation.
In 2015, we started holding Stakeholder Dialogues with external experts each year, as an opportunity to confirm requests and expectations of society to us and to integrate them with our business. In 2019, we tackled Materiality items by reorganizing and categorizing them based on each of Q+ESG.
What we find particularly important is to energize people who work on these initiatives. We therefore seek to make it easy for each and every employee to maximize his or her uniqueness and strength. In putting together the components of our structural reform, we clearly indicated “those who open the way to the future” as our desired personnel. We aim to become a healthy, vital company by changing our organization management so that young employees on the frontline are empowered and play leading roles.


Becoming a global leading environmentally friendly company

Nowadays it is increasingly indispensable for companies to respond to international arrangements aimed at realizing a sustainable society. Among Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, we believe Goal 13 (Climate action) and Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production) are strongly related to the Noritz Group’s business activities. We will make efforts with business partners to achieve these goals.
Notably, measures to combat climate change, adopted in the Paris Agreement, are common global issues confronting the world today. We are aware that they may have a financial impact on the Noritz Group. We disclose CDP-related information, and have drafted scenarios, identified risks and opportunities, and devised a long-term environmental vision towards 2030.
As for products, we are currently promoting sales of products with low environmental impact, such as Eco-Jozu* water heaters, which are highly efficient in heating water. By
introducing technologies that we have developed and refined in Japan to overseas markets, we aim at becoming a global leading environmentally-friendly company.



Enhancing governance structure for achieving further growth

In 2019, we transitioned to being a company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee with the aim of further enhancing effectiveness of corporate governance and raising corporate value over the medium to long-term. From April 2020 our new Board of Directors, with a smaller number of directors but a higher ratio of external directors, is becoming more active and greatly reflecting outside viewpoints. The board is well organized to facilitate focusing on discussion of overall managerial themes from the medium to long-term perspective.
In terms of management structure, we have placed a management executive officer in each business headquarters and have delegated more authority to executive officers to accelerate execution of measures.
By proactively coping with the Corporate Governance Code, we seek conformity with business strategies and speedy decision-making in order to raise the quality and transparency of management.