“Q + ESG” Initiatives

The Noritz Group’s management is promoting awareness of “Q+ESG” (Quality + Environment, Society and Governance) in management.
As a company that provides products valuable for the daily life of customers, we have exerted efforts to apply the firm belief that Quality is an indispensable element in this formulation.
One good example is the equipping of a “check-up alert function” in almost all water heaters for the past 10 years. The check-up alert function tells customers when to perform a check of the condition and function of the appliance to prevent an accident or malfunction caused by many years of use.
In March 2009 the Noritz Group became the first manufacturer in the gas and kerosene appliance industry to acquire Eco-First Company certification and has made the commitment to implement various environmental initiatives on behalf of society since then. In 2017 we were pleased to have received three environmental-related awards. Our Hybrid Water/Space Heating System received accolades for its environmental performance in efficiently making hot water by use of gas and electricity and contributing to reduction in both CO2 emissions and running cost. We will continue to sell eco-friendly products and help realize a low-carbon society.
We are also contributing to solve global challenges. Among 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, we identified two fundamental themes underlying our efforts on behalf of the environment: “measures against climate change” through reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and “responsibility in manufacturing and responsibility in using” to ensure a sustainable pattern of consumption and production.
Under our group mission “The Simple Comforts of Life,” we are committed to always be a company needed in society and to keep raising our corporate value.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 17 Goals