Since the company was founded, we have been committed to create more jobs and contribute to our communities. Though our business activities, we strive to solve problems in the society. We try to make fair and full information disclosures. We make sincere efforts for achieving our goal “to provide the simple comforts of life to more people.”

Together with Employees

Respect for Human Rights

The reason why the Noritz Group respects human rights

Since our founding in 1951, when Noritz was launched with the purpose of spreading home bathing more widely through society, we have contributed to more affluent ways of life with daily hot water.
In 1993, we moved into overseas markets. The approach and technology of the Noritz Group have been positively recognized, and our products are used by people throughout the world. On the other hand, increased environmental burdens and violation of human rights are risks that may arise in the course of business activities aimed at technical innovation and more comfortable living.
The Noritz Group clearly understands this, and we must carry out our business activities with a sense of responsibility. When people are born into the world, their first bath is truly the beginning of happiness.
The Noritz Group has come this far together with hot water, and we want the happiness of bathing to last throughout a person's life.

Basic Policy of the Noritz Group on Human Rights

Based on international standards of human rights,* all people are born with the right to be free, and no one may violate this right.
At the Noritz Group, a major precondition of all our business activities is that we respect human rights in all aspects of our business, throughout the value chain, and regardless of the boundary between the inside and outside of the company.
In 2012, we signed the Global Compact of 10 principles in four fields (human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption) advocated by the United Nations. In this way, we indicated our agreement with these efforts.
In our business activities, we will work to ensure that society and companies continue to develop together.
*Human rights standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Bill of Human Rights, and ILO Core Labour Standards.

Conduct Guidelines for Human Rights

●We shall not engage in discrimination or violation of human rights for any reason, such as race, nationality, gender, religion, creed, age, place of origin, physical/cognitive/mental disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
●We shall never engage in child labor or forced labor. If a product or other item is supplied through actions violating human rights, we shall work to remedy the situation and refrain from purchasing.
●We shall comply with international rules, and the laws in each country where we do business, and take into account local culture and customs.
●We shall not engage in sexual harassment, harassment from a position of power, or any other type of harassment.
●We shall abide by laws, in-house rules and other standards relating to health and safety, and work hard to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace environment.
●In cases where compliance with the Noritz Group's human rights policy is not sufficient, we pledge to work harder to comply with our policy.

These conduct guidelines require that employees not only comply with laws, but also that they be aware of requirements set by society, and respond to those requirements. We have established the Noritz Hotline as a means of notifying the company of conduct violating our guidelines.

Developing Energetic Human Resources

The Noritz Group has expanded its business by using the passion of each of our employees as our driving force. To continue to be an energetic corporate group with pride and job satisfaction, we believe it is crucial to do three things: develop people who can achieve self-realization through work; create a workplace designed for safety and health; and foster respect for human rights and diversity. Every year, we carry out an employee attitude/satisfaction survey, and we are continuously working to improve the workplace and the motivation of our employees.

Together with Customers

After-Sales Support
The quality of service is just as important as the quality of design, production, distribution, and installation. The Noritz Group responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to customer requests for repair, maintenance and inspection. We provide support which ensures the minimum of inconvenience to the customer.
In addition, by adopting a service representative certification system and service quality commendation system, we strive to continuously improve the technical capabilities of our after-sales support, and work hard to provide the highest quality service.
We also support our customers' daily use of products by providing information on frequently asked questions and maintenance methods, and offering direct sales to customers for consumable parts and small items.

Together with Suppliers

Supply Chain Management

The Noritz Group is engaged in CSR procurement for its entire supply chain, as it strives as a member of society to purchase goods and services in a responsible manner.

Aiming at stable, sustainable procurement activities

Aiming at sustainable procurement, the Noritz Group is engaged in procurement activities based on the Noritz Group CSR Procurement Guidelines. In recent years, societal requirements have expanded from environmental consideration to societal considerations. Request to comply with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sustainable Sourcing Code is one such example.
Since 2015, we have conducted the annual Noritz Supply Chain CSR Survey (Self-Assessment Questionnaire*) of major suppliers. We give feedback to suppliers and at the same time receive their evaluations on our procurement activities on an anonymous basis. In addition, we include CSR items in the ISO9001 statement of supplier evaluation principles and use them as a selection standard of new suppliers.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire of suppliers representing top 95% or more of Noritz’s transaction amount

Addressing the challenge of “conflict minerals”

Since 2014, Noritz has conducted annual surveys on conflict minerals ending up in our products. We hold an annual briefing session on the subject for suppliers and ask for their cooperation in our survey. A management database has been established in line with the Conflict-Free Smelter (CFS) Program*, of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). We will continue to promote purchasing activities that will earn society’s trust.

※Global, common survey program of conflict minerals

Procurement Activities to Meet the Expectations of Society

The Noritz Group uses the NRPS* "just-in-time" production system to respond in a timely fashion to customer expectations. This is a system unique to Noritz which aims to deliver products to customers with a short delivery period by eliminating all forms of waste. This system is used on the production lines at all of the business sites of the Noritz Group, including the gas water heater line at the Akashi Main Factory.


Together with Shareholders

Announcement of Financial Results

The Noritz Group announces financial results once every quarter. Financial results briefings are held in February and August, and the General Meeting of Shareholders is held in March.

Yearly Schedule

Fourth quarter, announcement of financial results

Fourth quarter, Financial results briefing
Late March:

General Meeting of Shareholders
Early May:

First quarter, announcement of financial results
Early August:

Second quarter, announcement of financial results
Early August:

Second quarter, financial results briefing
Early November:

Third quarter, announcement of financial results


Together with Society


Noritz contributes to the advancement of sports and promotes community development through the Noritz Women's Track and Field Team and Noritz Fencing Team.


Noritz Women's Track and Field Team

Noritz Fencing Team

Disaster Recovery Support


Volunteer activities of 100 yen donation at the Kobe Luminarie


Giving the list of donations to the Michinoku Future Fund

Support reconstruction from earthquake damages

Being a company which suffered from the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, we continuously support reconstruction efforts after earthquake damages.
For the Kobe Luminarie, a light festival to remember the deceased and to pay tribute to their memory, some of our employees undertake fundraising every year. Employees also serve as volunteers for cleaning of public places and for guiding visitors. Since 2016, we have participated as volunteer in the Kobe Luminarie Heartful Day to be
held for the benefit of people with disabilities. Our S-CORE Hearts employees with disabilities also joined, providing information in sign language and soliciting donations. As for recovery support for the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, we have been contributing financially toward high school tuition for students who lost their parents, through the Michinoku Future Fund, since 2013.

Reflecting our empathy and solidarity

With our desire to bring “the Simple Comforts of Life” from taking a bath for the victims of disaster, we have donated gas water heaters and shower booths that protect privacy of users to evacuation centers. We are committed to continue such activities for people in disaster-stricken areas in the future.