Commitment to “quality” is a part of our corporate culture as well as one of our strengths. Our quality to a great extent is derived from our “invisible assets,” particularly our people, who have diverse talents and strength, our technologies that enable to us to materialize our passion into products, and our customers who give us valuable opinions. We are pledged to contribute to the society through our business activities by making the most of those assets.

Quality Policy

Our Group Mission is “The Simple Comforts of Life.” Based on this mission, our purpose is to pursue customer satisfaction, and provide safe and secure products. We have built a quality management system to achieve this, and are steadily working to improve and strengthen our quality posture.

Adopting the customer's perspective, and supplying the market with attractive products meeting QCDDPR* conditions!

●We consistently offer high-quality, safe and secure products—while responding to customer needs and abiding by all pertinent laws, regulations and requirements.

●We constantly work to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

●Everyone at Noritz sets high quality goals, and then we follow through with solidarity as a team to achieve those goals.

*Q: Quality, C: Cost, D: Delivery, D: "Dokusoteki Shohin" (Originality of Products), P: Patent, R: Risk

Basic Stance Toward Quality

In all of our business activities, we at Noritz make customer satisfaction our top priority. With that in mind, we provide our customers with safe and secure products, installation, and after-sales service. We clearly recognize our social responsibility to help create safe and secure communities, and we formulate and put into practice plans for voluntary action. In addition, we strive for information sharing and collaborative quality problem-solving among all of the companies in our group. The Noritz Group will continue promoting appropriate activities for ensuring and improving quality.

Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety

In particular, we carry out risk assessment relating to safety at all stages of our business activities, and abide by laws, regulations and voluntary standards. To improve quality, Noritz brings together all aspects of our business: not only design, procurement, production and distribution (i.e., quality in manufacturing) but also sales, installation and after-sales service (i.e., quality in sales and service in the field). We put customer satisfaction first in our business activities.

Products and Services Supporting Affluent Living

Noritz Corporation and all of our group companies in Japan and overseas have acquired certification according to the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems. This reflects our strong commitment to improving quality.

The Quality We Strive For

By pursing the "Six Values" in our manufacturing activities and sales/service in the field, we aim to improve quality and deepen ties of trust with our customers.

Six Values


Sales/Service in the Field

We strive for easy-to-understand communication of the unique features of products and information to ensure safe use. By always listening to and talking with customers, we pursue products that exceed expectations and service that makes customers happy.

Manufacturing Activities

We provide customers with products whose quality is ensured at every stage: development, procurement, and production. This is our mission. There are three necessary conditions for the quality we have in mind: products must be safe, easy for anyone to use, and environmentally-friendly.

Quality Management System Putting Customer Satisfaction First

Our conviction is that we can achieve greater customer satisfaction and quality improvement than ever before through unified management of quality assurance work throughout our group. To achieve that we hold Group Quality Meetings chaired by the General Manager for Quality Assurance Promotion. We will promote work improvements from the executive level, raise the expertise of contact points with the customer, and steadily realize the Six Values.