Harmonizing  Corporate Management and CSR

Recognizing what society requires and what society expects, as we understand through our two-way communication with stakeholders, we are undertaking business activities which harmonize “the pursuit of economic value through business strategies,” “the promotion of social values that contribute to solving social issues,” and “pursuit of Noritz identity.” By doing so, we strive to bring smiles and enthusiasms to all our stakeholders, or to improve their well-being. This is our CSR policy.
The updated CSR policy, “To improve the well-being of all our stakeholders, and the global environment” has been reflected in the new Mission and Values, harmonizing corporate management with CSR.


CSR Materiality

Upon dialogues with various stakeholders, the Noritz Group identified twelve themes in four areas as CSR Materiality (Priorities). By steady and ongoing attention to those materiality priorities, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and help continuous contribute to the development of society and of the Noritz Group.


The Noritz Group Business Model and Roadmap for Value Creation

Noritz contributes to solving social issues through its business activities
Motivated by intent to respond to the needs of society, the Noritz Group seeks to make efficient use of all of its visible and invisible assets and create value through business activities, by utilizing its creativity and proprietary technology. The Noritz Group business model and roadmap for value creation are as shown below. Important keywords are explained as follows.