Integrating Corporate Management and CSR

Recognizing what society requires and what society expects, as we understand through our two-way communication with stakeholders, we are undertaking business activities which integrate

“the promotion of social values that contribute to solving social issues,”
“the pursuit of economic value through business strategies,”
and “the pursuit of Noritz identity.”

In order to expand and integrate these three values, we will keep enhancing“Q+ESG” (Quality + Environment, Society and Governance), which are our resources of corporate value creation.
In doing so, we will strive to bring smiles and enthusiasm to all our stakeholders. In other words, we have defined our mission as “The Simple Comforts of Life.”


Identifying Materiality and its activities, aimed at raising social and corporate sustainability

From the degree of importance to both society and the Noritz Group, we have identified 12 categories of four subjects as Materiality to be developed as risks and business opportunities. From 2017, towards achieving the medium-term management plan, V-plan 20, Materiality issues are separated into four categories of Q, E, S, and G and there are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each. We also handle issues that keep changing over time, by receiving and ascertaining opinions through the Dialogue with stakeholders.

Four priority subjects


Our priority SDGs targets and activities along the value chain

Among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations member countries in 2015, we focus on two goals that are closely related to the Noritz Group’s activities: Goal 13 (Climate action) and Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production).
As a member of an international community, the Noritz Group contributes to realizing SDGs, and considers this as an opportunity to promote business activities.


The Noritz Group’s Value-Creating Process

Noritz Group are fully aware of our business risks and social issues we need to overcome. We also see them as business opportunities and strive for creation of corporate value.
Our precious “invisible assets”, which are expressed by using the formula “Q+ESG,” are sources for creating corporate value.
We will expand and integrate our three values ? social value, economic value, and brand value ? to achieve our mission.