The Noritz Group has supported bathing culture in Japan as a leading company for water heaters. Although use has now become standard for much of Japan, in other countries the need for ordinary gas instantaneous water heaters is increasing every year as the trend toward a low-carbon society continues. Starting from Japan, we now also operate in 14 other countries around the world.

Domestic Business

Throughout Japan, we will strive for overall growth in the fields of HVAC, kitchens, and housing systems, and contribute to the smiles of people and the planet through the pursuit of emotional connections in daily life.

Water heaters

Gas cookers

Solar energy systems

Hydronic heating systems



Wash basins

Overseas Business

The Noritz Group is actively expanding internationally by leveraging our strengths, such as the development, design and production know-how for gas water heaters we have cultivated in the Japanese market. Going forward, we expect to see major growth.
We deliver high-quality products and the “joy of hot water” to customers all over the world.