The Noritz Group is the leading company in Japan for gas and kerosene water heaters, with a 40% market share. We regard it as our group's role in society to make people happy through life with hot water.
The history of Noritz began in 1951 with the establishment of Noritsu Bath Industry in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. The departure point for our company's founding was the idea that "baths make us happy."

This message expressed, in a condensed form, our passion to improve the standard of living of people in the period of post-war recovery. Since that time, Noritz has continued to focus on research and development. This effort has borne fruit with a series of highly energy-efficient products that excel in terms of both economic and environmental benefits. By promoting "an affluent way of life with daily hot water," Noritz has contributed to the evolution of bath culture in Japan.

We hope we can continue to enjoy your exceptional understanding and support.
The ultimate aim of the goods and services created by the

Noritz Group is the smiles of people as they live their lives, and a beautiful future for the earth.

In 1993, we expanded into overseas markets by exploiting the technical capabilities we had so far cultivated domestically. We started by establishing a joint venture with a local firm in Shanghai, China and producing gas water heaters locally for local sale. Then in 2002, we began sales of gas water heaters in the U.S., and at present we do business in 15 countries.

Going forward, we will implement our Group Mission of delivering “The Simple Comforts of Life” on a global scale, with the aim of realizing sustainable improvement in corporate value.