We, the Noritz Group, deliver happiness through our goods and services.
We press forward while cherishing our original belief that “bathing makes us happy.”

On October 1, I assumed the position of CEO as the successor to Soichiro Kokui. I will continue with the group’s original mission and strive to boost our corporate value.

In 1951, when Japan was in the midst of its post-war recovery, the company was founded to spread the Japanese bath culture and improve the standard of living based on the belief that “bathing makes us happy.”

On January 15, 2020, Toshiro Ota, the company’s founder and chairman emeritus, passed away. He established Noritsu Bath Industry (present-day Noritz) in 1951. During his days at the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, he used to soothe his mind by taking a bath during the little time available after rigorous training. This experience led to him to set forth the belief that “bathing makes us happy.” With our original belief intact and a new corporate philosophy set forth, we are making proactive efforts to fulfill the group’s mission, “the simple comforts of life.”

In the next medium-term management plan for 2021 onward, I will develop and implement a business policy for enabling the group to achieve sustainable growth.

Satoshi Haramaki