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Water Heaters Commercial Models

Tankless / Instantaneous Water Heater

A wide range of commercial applications, extremely durable and simple to operate.

Water Heaters Advantages
 Installatio Sites(Case STUDY)

2×50L(Total 100L)Multi-System <USA>
9×32L(Total 288L)Multi-System <USA>
Football Stadium(Shower Room)
7×50L(Total 350L)Multi-System <Japan>
Nursing Home
10×50L(Total 500L)Multi-System <Japan>
 Commercial hot water system compared to Residential system

In a typical family household, hot water is used for about one hour a day in total. However, business settings like beauty salons and restaurants, the comulative daily usage time averages over eight hours. To meet such commercial demand, we have created a durable system with higher energy efficiency (reliable, safe, economical, and maintainable).
 Durable structure

The walls of copper fin pipes used in our heat exchanger are 25% thicker than in standard types to prevent condensation and erosion, and ensure long life.
The bottom of the heat exchanger is fortified and specially coated.
 Advantages of Multi-System
1) Secure Operation
In the unlikely event that one unit fails, the second unit acts as a back-up. You will never run out of hot water!
Secured Operation
2) More Power
By using two units, you can double the hot water capacity. And, running multiple outlets simultaneously will not be restricted by power or water. And, if your business expands, there is no need for a new hot water system. All you have to do is simply extend your system.
More Power
3) Rotation System

Our rotation system means that multiple units are used alternately, which reduces wear and tear on individual units and extends their useful lives. Compared to installation of only a messive, single, you can enjoy significant savings on running costs.

Rotation System
4) Easy Installation
It's easy to link two units into a manifold. Just connect the units with a special cable. There's no need to buy a new additional controller.You save on installation costs.
Easy Installation
5) Space-saving

Is your bulky water tank taking up too much space? Using one or more instantaneous water heaters frees up a lot of space, which can be used more effectively to meet other needs.

Space Saving
6) Future upgrades possible

We recommend installing one of these water heaters even if you are thinking about starting up with only a single unit. If your hot water requirements increase at a later date, you can easily install one or more additional units to be connected to the existing unit.

Subsequent upgrades possible

7) Legionella-bacteria? No chance!
An inherent danger of water tanks is the risk of stored water becoming contaminated by legionella. Instantaneous water heaters reduce this risk because no water is stored. Only the necessary amount of water is heated. Considerable energy savings can be achieved with auto-ignition. And, you can turn on hot water whenever you need it.

Typical Installation for Multi-System
Multi-System with Recirculation Multi-System with Storage Tank & Recirculation
Multi-System with Recirculation  Multi-System with Storage Tank & Recirculation
Up to Six 32L units can be connected to realize a 192L system(max. capacity 192L). Small- to medium-sized restaurants, hotels, fitness clubs can now install water heaters that suit their individual needs. Our commercial units also help you to reduce costs.

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