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Eco-friendly Products

 Approach and Award

We believe that Noritz's primary mission is to provide products to our customers that are eco-friendly throughout the product cycle of "manufacturing, use, disposal" and to reduce environmental loads.
Accordingly, we promote the development and distribution of eco-friendly products and work to increase the proportional contribution of such products to our total sales volume.

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 Approval of Eco-friendly Product and Promotion of Information Disclosure
Noritz Eco-friendly Product Symbol Noritz Super Eco-friendly Product Symbol


A approval system based on our own criteria was introduced in April 2000.


A "super eco-friendly product" approval system was introduced as an upper-level "Eco-friendly Product" concept in April 2005.

Noritz Eco-friendly Product Symbol

Noritz has established its own criteria for environment-conscious products based on the theme "Passing on a Clean and Beautiful Earth to Future Generations" and has independently designates the products that meet these criteria as eco-friendly products. The criteria are detemined based on the level of contribution of each factor to preservation of the environment. In the product catalogs on our website, the Noritz Eco-friendly Product Symbol indicates approved products, and is accompanied by detailed descriptions of their eco-friendly characteristics.

Noritz Super Eco-friendly Product Symbol ・・ntroduced in April 2005・・ width=

Noritz introduced an approval system to certify "Noritz eco-friendly products" that incorporate extremely high levels of environmentally frinedly characteristics and have minimal impact on the environment during their product lifecycles. In terms of reducing consumption of energy, resources, and environmentally stressful materials, these products have been known as "Noritz super eco-friendly products" since April 2005. Also in 2005, Noritz established assessment methods and approval criteria for gas and kerosene water heating units, and duly approved two units.

 Introducing a "Noritz Super Eco-friendly Product" : "GT Eco Series" Bathtub Gas Water Heater

"Reduces Lifecycle CO2 Emissions by 13% (14% Reduction in Usage Phase)". The results of the GT Eco Series life-cycle analysis (LCA), based on proprietary LCA assessment criteria, showed that, although the environmental load in the manufacturing phase has increased slightly compared to prior products (Noritz Net GT series), due to the increased complexity resulting from the change to a latent heat recovery type unit, the environmental load at the time of product use by the customer has decreased significantly. This has resulted in a 23% reduction in the global warming load (CO2 emissions) and a 7% reduction in the acidification load (SO2 conversion value of NOx/SOx emissions) based on the overall lifecycle.

"GT Eco Series" LCA Assessment Result
 Ecology through Products
GT-C2431 AWX  GTH-C2436
Bifunctional Gas
Condensing Heater
* Water heating
* Bath heating
 Multifunctional Gas
Condensing Heater
* Water heating
* Bath heating
* Space heating
Energy Consumption Efficiency  Energy Consumption Efficiency
Water heating /
Bath heating weighted

Exhaust: About 50

GT-C2431 series and GTH-C2436 series are "latent heat recovery type gas water heaters " in which an exhaust heat recovery system, capable of efficient energy use, is fitted to domestic gas water-heating unit. These systems reuse approximately 200°C (392°F) of conventionally discarded combusted gas (exhaust heat) in a secondary heat exchanger and change the water vapor in the exhaust gas into water, thereby recovering the latent heat in the exhaust gas and achieving high energy conservation capabilities.


Eco-will is a household cogeneration system that creates electricity using a gas engine generator, resulting in energy-efficient supply of hot water and home heating.


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