Initiatives to harmonize CSR in management

The Noritz Group will harmonize economic value, social value, and brand value for raising corporate value.
We believe our role is to bring smiles and contentment
to all of our stakeholders through this. Accordingly, we signed the Global Compact advocated by the United Nations in 2012. By implementing the 10 principles of the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we help achieve sustainable growth of ourselves and the society.
Since 2009, we have been the industry’s top runner as an
“Eco-First Company” and are committed to operating with consideration to the global environment as we emit about 1.4% of overall CO2 emissions in Japan. In particular, we believe our hybrid water/space heater system,
which integrates advantages of the high-efficient gas water heater and the heat pump, can contribute to a decarbonized society. We also intend to make a global contribution by expanding in China, which is plagued by air pollution, and by supplying tankless, instantaneous gas water heaters especially to users in North America and Australia, where the tank type is most common.
Based on the view that companies serve as a public organ of society, we are active in employing people
with disabilities, who represent 2.99% of our group’s workforce. At our special subsidiary company S-CORE Hearts K.K., established in 2006, mostly workers with mental disabilities work in a production line as regular employees. Their workplace is highly motivated and
has been improving in productivity. In 2016 we opened Smile Hearts K.K., categorized in the “Support for continuous employment – Type A Office,” to provide more employment opportunities.
As a part of our initiatives to create a good work environment for every worker we launched the female leadership development program to foster female leaders and improve work opportunities for women. In addition, we will open a corporate daycare center, the first of its kind in the housing equipment industry, in July 2017.
We are committed to support an increase in places for engagement of a diversity of people.
We understand that our mission is to help solve social issues by providing products that are not merely convenient and multi-functional, but to respond to the requirements of an aging society and other social changes. Through its mission “The Simple Comforts of Life,” the Noritz Group wants to contribute to solving social issues through business activities and to be a company indispensable in society. We appreciate our stakeholders’ continued support in our Group. Thank you.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 17 Goals