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Noritz History Hall
1951 Established as "Noritsu Bath Industry" in Kobe, Japan
Launched "Never Cool Tile Bath"
1956 Opened Research Center for gas bath furnaces and boilers
1961 Started sales of gas bath heaters
1962 Started In-house production at Akashi Factory
1968 Changed name to "Noritz Corporation"
Noritsu Bath Industry  (1951)
Noritsu Bath Industry
1984 Unveiled new corporate logo
1987 Listed on 1st section of Tokyo and Osaka
Stock Exchanges

Established Base Research Laboratory
in Hachioji, Tokyo
Fundamental Research Laboratory  (1987)
Research Laboratory
1990 Opened Akashi Main Factory, R&D Center and Training Center as "NAM" (Noritz Akashi Messe)
1993 Established joint-venture
"Shanghai Shuixian Noritz Co., Ltd."
1995 Moved to Eiko Building after original premises
destroyed in the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
1996 Received ISO9001 certification
1997 Received ISO14001 certification
2000 Shuixian Noritz, renamed "Shanghai Noritz Co., Ltd.",
started production of Noritz brand in China
2001 Capital participation in "Harman Corp."
as a consolidated subsidiary
R&D Center(1990)
R&D Center
Signing ceremony in Shanghai, China(1993)
Signing ceremony
in Shanghai, China
Shanghai Noritz Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Noritz Co., Ltd.
2002 Established "Noritz America Corporation" (California, U.S.A)
2003 Components division went independent as
"Noritz Electronics Technology (NET)"
2004 "Noritz Electronics (H.K.) Technology Co., Ltd."
Factory in China started operations

Established "Noritz Hong Kong Holdings Co., Ltd."
to preside over NET(HK) and "Noritz Hong Kong Co., Ltd."

Established "Noritz (Shanghai) Home Appliance Co., Ltd."
2005 Opened Noritz America Corp. Atlanta Branch

Opened Noritz Corp. Australian Branch in Melbourne

Established "Noritz (China) Co., Ltd."

Opened Noritz Corp. Europe Office (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2006 Opened Noritz America Corp. Dallas Branch

Opened Russian office.
Opened Shenzhen showroom.
Opened Beijing shoewoom.
Completed new factory in Shanghai.
Opened Noritz America Corp. Chicago Branch.

Capital participation in "Hosun Universal Co., Ltd.",
Taiwan; started production

Noritz America Corp.  (2002)
Noritz America Corp.
Noritz America Corp.  Atlanta Branch  (2005)
Noritz America Corp.
Atlanta Branch
Noritz (Shanghai) Home Appliance Co., Ltd.  (2004)
Noritz (Shanghai) Home
Appliance Co., Ltd.
Noritz America Corp.  Dallas Branch  (2006)
Noritz America Corp.
Dallas Branch


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